Interdisciplinary Field Program, Klamath River Overlook, Redwoods National Park, California.

Florida International University (http://www.biology.fiu.edu)                                                PCB 3043 Ecology                                                                                                         PCB 5443 Advanced Ecology II: Communities & Ecosystems                                                                                                                   BSC 6926: Workshop Biology: Ecosystem Ecology in the Greater Everglades Landscape BSC 6936 Topics in Biology: Communicating Science: Writing, Reviewing, and Presenting Professionally

University of Georgia (http://www.biosci.uga.edu/   http://www.ecology.uga.edu)                BIOL 1108L Principles of Biology Lab                                                                             ECOL 1000 Ecological Basis of Environmental Issues (Honors)*                                      ECOL 4160 Ecology of North America*                                                                         ECOL 6310 Limnology                                                                                      Interdisciplinary Field Program

Loyola University Chicago (http://www.luc.edu/biology)

BIOL 101 General Biology
BIOL 327 Wetland Ecology
BIOL 360 Restoration Ecology

University of Michigan Biological Station (http://www.umich.edu/~umbs/)                          EEB 485 Ecology of Streams and Rivers

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